表面处理生产车间总规划、设计、制造、安装、技术、服务/General planning, design, manufacture, installation, technology and service for painting production equipment;

汽车/电子行业设备开发、设计、制造、安装、技术、服务/Equipment development, design, manufacture, installation, technology and service for automotive/electronic industry;

智能装备开发、设计、制造、安装、技术、服务/Intelligent equipment development, design, manufacture, installation, technology and service;

电镀设备、超声波清洗机、废气处理、智能化程序设备开发、设计、制作、安装、技术、维护、服务/Electroplating equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine, exhaust gas treatment, intelligent program equipment development, design, production, installation, technology, maintenance, service

设计与生产应用紧密结合,环保、节能实用性型优化设计/Design and production application are closely integrated, environmental protection, energy saving and practical optimization design;

为客户提供表面处理生产技术培训、分析和解决表面处理技术问题/Provide E-coating production technology training service, help to  analyze and solve coating issues.

公司以诚信务实的作风、专业的设计、卓越的产品、优良的售前及售后服务等服务于客户/ The company to the integrity of the pragmatic style, professional design, excellent products, excellent pre - and after-sales services to serve customers

我们愿与您一道携行协作,和谐创新,与时俱进,共创辉煌;是您值的信赖的专业表面处理设备伙伴!/We are willing to cooperate with you, harmoniously innovate, keep pace with The Times and create resplendence; We are your value of the trust of professional surface treatment equipment partner!



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